What you see is what you get

In our identity, imagery plays a significant role in expressing our brand and our stance of creating Transparent Banking.

To depict a sense of transparency and realness, all imagery should have a documentary style aesthetic. The imagery should feel genuine, simple, and honest, showing in photography what we may not be able to convey in words.

Choosing images - overview

When shooting or selecting new images, always start with the steps below. Following these steps will ensure consistency in all Nordnet imagery.

Understand our audience

It is important to start with an understanding of who our audience is. Our target customers can be characterized as Achievers, goal-oriented individuals who are in control of their finances.

Follow our look

Use a documentary-style aesthetic. Use lighting and contrast to create distinction.

Convey our main message

Always keep our main message in mind when choosing or shooting new images. Imagery should focus on conveying Nordnet as being honest, relatable and transparent.

Utilize our filters and presets

To keep a consistent look amongst all Nordnet imagery, use filters and image presets in post production.

Nordnet Achievers

Our customers can be characterized in one word: Achievers.


Achievers are driven. They set up goals, reach them and like to be recognized for their achievements in life. They make decisions independently and like to be in control.

High engagement

Achievers have a significant interest in the world of finance. They are quick to grasp new technologies. They prefer a bank that offers self-service and efficient tools that enable them to decide for themselves.

Being empowered

They see Nordnet as a challenger to traditional banks that charges lower prices and is more on the saver’s side. They want Nordnet to empower them with tools. They want control over their savings and investments.

Our message

Photography is a powerful tool that should be used to communicate a combination of visual and emotional brand values. Images should focus on building a narrative that conveys Transparent Banking.


What does Transparency mean? How do we convey this through imagery? Transparency to us is to show it like it is. This is who we are. This is what we do. This is how we help.

We always want to be to the point, clear, genuine and relatable. What you see is what you get. No fluff. Nothing has to be perfect. Everything has to feel REAL. Our images should feel documentary, as if you are behind the scenes, viewing from a distance the lives of our customers, or a setting in our office, or a scenery of a Nordic landscape.


Honest, genuine, authentic, candid, transparent, open, documentary, simple, clear, relatable and Nordic.

The look

All our imagery should have a similar look and feel. We always want to use imagery that feels natural and real. Below are ways in which we can achieve a sense of transparency.

Documentary style

We want to create narratives by depicting reality. We always show customers and colleagues in typical environments and scenarios.


We should always aim to use natural lighting in images. The use of artificial lighting should only be used to enhance the photo, not to overly dramatize the scene. Artificial light should aim to mimic natural lighting.

Color palette

We always want to use images with a natural color palette. Images should never be too saturated or overly adjusted in post production. Colors should be subtle, earthy and vibrant but always realistic.


Image contrast should not be overused. Contrast should always be crisp and sharp. We want to convey the feeling of capturing a real moment in its authentic setting.

Portraying our customers

Focus on showcasing Nordnet Achievers as ambassadors of our products. People of different ages, genders and ethnicities should be represented to accurately reflect our wide customer base. Portraits should capture customers in their typical environments.

Life on the move

Accessing our products and services wherever you may be is key to our customers. Our Achievers are constantly connected. Our images should depict their on-the-go lifestyles. Whether traveling, commuting to and from work, or exploring Nordic landscapes, our customers are always online, and checking their financial performance.

Inspiring environments

Images should reflect the Nordic feel, unexpected and inspiring environmental motives. Images should convey a sense of wonder, discovery and exploration.

Portraying Nordnet

Internal images representing the company should feel truthful and honest. Portraits should be in context, in an office setting, showing the daily life at Nordnet.

Image presets

Keeping our images consistent help establish a uniform look. Our Lightroom and Photoshop presets are starting points for editing images that should be used in all Nordnet communication.

RAW - before

RAW - after

Stock images - before

Stock images - after