Welcome to Nordnet

We are opening up our brand to everyone. We want to share our beliefs, our characteristics and the elements that make the Nordnet brand come alive.

This website is a living and breathing library for everything relating to our identity.

Creating the image of Nordnet

Our brand is built upon everything we do and say. At Nordnet, we share common values and a shared vision for the future. These tenets set the tone for how we interact with our customers and how we act as co-workers.

Here is the story of our way of thinking, and what we believe.

We want to change the game

“We exist to redefine the financial world by empowering savers of today and tomorrow.”

Ever since Nordnet started in the mid 90’s, our calling has been to challenge and change an industry as powerful as it is conservative. We live in a world where hidden agendas, difficult terms and unjustified markups have long been the norm. An industry where things are not always what they claim to be, and where euphemisms, beautifications and half-truths flourish. But we have always believed in something else. We have always been something else. Ever since Nordnet was founded, our mission has been to simplify, clarify and improve. To question and reinvent. To digitalize, democratize and redefine.

Twenty years into that journey, much has changed. A whole sector has been challenged and the financial industry has begun to move. Yet the journey has just started. Much remains to be done before our vision of a more open and honest industry is completed, but we are on the way. Global trends such as consumer power, the collaborative economy, digitalization and transparency are pointing in our direction. Nordnet represents this new world.

Get to know our customers: The Achievers

We call our target group the Achievers, and with Nordnet they have an enabler to reach their goals.

Our customers are selective and smart. And they’ve been around the block before. They don’t respond well to being told what to think, what to do and when to do it. They know how the world turns and they enjoy being in charge of their own fate. In addition, they feel that the big banks take too much money from their pockets. And that there is too much of a filter between them and their investments.

At Nordnet our customers have a partner that respects them far too much to interfere when unwanted. A bank that is far too sincere to charge high fees hoping they will go unnoticed. Instead, we have our own approach. We appreciate and trust the abilities of our customers. We refrain from over-promises and hidden agendas. We tell it like it is, with no room for bullshit.

Our values

Our values should be expressed in everything we do: from how we address our customers during a phone call, to the interactions in our digital products, to how we work with our colleagues. We are Curious, Honest, Smart and Committed.





Tomorrow belongs to the curious ones. To those who dare to try, explore, question and turn things inside out. Curiosity drives us to listen, to share ideas and to collaborate with others. It drives us to keep developing both our world and our industry.

Trust is crucial. If you don’t trust, you don’t share. We do what’s right for our customers in the long term. We stick to our promises and we admit our mistakes. We say what we mean and do what we say. We are honest and transparent.

In order to beat tradition, we need to think and act smart. We believe in doing things differently. We believe in the endless cycle of learning and sharing ideas and expertise. Smart takes us forward.

We don’t believe good results come from good luck, but from listening well, working hard and following things through. We always strive to become better at what we do and how we serve our customers. We are always committed.

We are Transparent Banking

We strive to empower people by giving them the tools, trust and transparency they need to get in the driver’s seat of their savings and investments.

Transparent Banking is a way of living the Nordnet brand. It’s the way we speak to and engage with our customers and coworkers. It’s the way we interact with media. It’s how we structure our fees and our services. It’s the technologies we choose to invest in, the way we do business and the way we plan for the future. It’s the way we will become the number 1 choice for savings and investments in the Nordics.

A new mark

The logo is the totem of our brand. As the core part of our new identity, we have a new mark. It combines the Nordnet symbol with a wordmark.

The Nordnet symbol carries our blue color. The wordmark has a central place in the expression of the logo, showing Nordnet in a bold manner.

Now, let us explain the elements of our new visual identity in detail.

Our brand hierarchy