Welcome to Nordnet Securities Luxembourg

Nordnet has now closed its website for trading in Luxembourg. It is no longer possible to log in and use our services.

Until October 29th 2010 it is still possible to reach us using the below details:

Telephone: +352 46 84 44
Email: info@nordnet.lu
Post: Nordnet Securities Luxembourg SA., B.P. 773, L-2017 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

If you have not closed your account with us or moved your account to Keytrade Bank in Luxembourg (www.keytrade.lu) your account has now been moved to the Luxembourg State Treasury (Caisse de Consignation) (Loi du 29 avril 1999 sur la consignation auprès de l´Etat).

In order to retrieve your assets you will need to file a duly justified demand for restitution of your assets with the "Caisse de Consignation" proving that you are the legitimate owner of the assets. The "Caisse de Consignation" would need to take a formal decision concerning your demand for restitution of your assets. In addition, the "Caisse de Consignation" will impute deposit fees and taxes to your assets for the whole duration of deposit. Without demand for restitution during 30 years, the assets would be acquired by operation of law by the Luxembourg state.

Contact details for the Caisse de Consignation

Trésorerie de l'Etat
3, rue du St. Esprit
L-1475 Luxembourg

Tel: +352 24 78 24 78
Fax: +352 46 72 62
Email: info@te.public.lu
Web: www.te.public.lu/

We would like to thank you for having put your faith in our services during our relation and we wish you the best of luck in the future.

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